What is Hot Air Soldering?

Hot air soldering is one of some certain soldering method that takes advantages of hot air to solid the material. In this certain method, the joints of the material could be soldered by using the narrow blast of hot air. The temperature of the air could be easily controlled or adjusted in any required level by you as the operator of the equipment. With the great quality of soldering result, hot air soldering becomes very popular in among a lot of DIYers and hobbyists.

Surely, the tool used to handle hot air soldering method will be quite different from any products that are specifically designed for standard or regular soldering. Basically, people will find several different types of tool that are used for several different purposes, such as soldering guns, soldering pencils, and soldering torches. For hot air soldering, the most common type available in the market is hot air pencil.

Hot-air pencil will be useful in hot air soldering process since it is very lightweight and comfortable to be gripped. The slim design of this soldering tool gives you clearer view of your working area. Besides, this design is also useful to solder any delicate parts since this certain soldering system is also designed for touch free soldering. Therefore, any sensitive parts could be joined perfectly without any problem by using hot air soldering pencil.

Surely, there are a lot of types of soldering tools that will be useful for hot air soldering system. They are offered in some different brands and types so you will easily find a certain product that matches your requirements well. What you need to do before choosing a certain product is determining the best specifications that will fulfill your needs. Therefore, you will not find any difficulty or disappointed feeling during the process of hot air soldering.

If you need more references about some soldering irons that will be perfect for hot air soldering, you could find these several products in the market. They are offered in great quality and performance that will work well to support your job. Just take a certain product that will bring the biggest advantages for you.

Weller WAD101 Digital Shop Air Hot Air Station

The first product that will work well to support hot air soldering is Weller WAD101 Digital Shop Air Hot Air Station. This product comes with great advantages since it is completed with a lot of useful features that will increase your easiness in doing your job. It is completed with digital temperature control that you could easily set and read on the clear LED display. Therefore, you can also find easiness in getting fast and accurate temperature set of the hot air. It will be great product to be taken.

Blazer SI-100 Excalibur Multi-Purpose Butane Torch and Hot Air Soldering Kit

As the second option, you can take a look at Blazer SI-100 Excalibur Multi-Purpose Butane Torch and Hot Air Soldering Kit. This is a perfect combination of soldering iron, micro torch, as well as hot air blower in a single tool. Therefore, this product will give you great performance in providing faster and more reliable startup. This product will be ideal to handle any project on electronic system repair, automotive, industrial, woodworking, as well as lapidary. Since it is also completed with handy impact resistant traveling case, this product will have higher portability. It will be perfect choice to support your job.

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