4 Good Garage Design Ideas for You

If you have a very big garage or you have more than one garage but you only need to store one car, what are you going to do with the extra space? You are in fact very lucky because you have ample space not only to store all your extra stuff but for other functions as well.

Maybe it’s time for your garage makeover. If you are wondering what to do with your extra storage space, here are 4 great garage design ideas for you.

1 – Build a Garage Workshop

This is probably one of the most common garage design ideas you can find. Many guys like to carry out DIY projects or repair work at home and the best place to do so is the garage because there is lots of room to move around. It is also safer than doing it within the house as you might need to use machinery and with children running around, that could pose as a danger for them.

2 – Set up a garage gym room

Keeping fit is very important but there might not be space in the house for all the large equipment. As such, the best place to set up a workout room is your garage. This will also ensure that your exercising equipment do not damage your flooring in the house. In order to allow fresh in as you are working out, all you need to do is to open up the garage. The garage floor coverings in this case would be a rubber mat.

However, if you do decide to set up a gym in your garage, you have to keep in mind that you have proper temperature control in the garage. You will need to have a heater for winter and a cooler during summer.

3 – Add in a Garage Play Room

If you have young children in the house but you do not have a playground anywhere nearby, you can easily turn your garage or a portion of it into a play room. Even if you do have a public playground nearby, it will be safer for your kids to play in a well-designed garage play room. You should also ensure that you have the floor carpeted so that it is safe and have proper temperate control in the garage playroom as well so that your children can still play in it regardless of whether it is summer or winter.

4 – Set Up a Garage Game Room

Some guys enjoy playing on the pinball machines or arcade games, so instead of spending excessive amount of time and money on traveling to somewhere else to play on these machines, you can now enjoy them without having to go too far. All you need to do is to conGarage Designvert a portion of your big garage or one of your garages into a game room where you have your desired arcade or pinball machines readily set up and waiting for you to enjoy. This will definitely become the place you enjoy most during your leisure time!

Now that you have some garage design ideas in mind, your next important task is to decide on which is the idea you want to work on. Even if you want to have all of time, do not be too ambitious. You can set one up first and work on others later but do have everything planned out properly prior to starting work so you will make full use of the all the additional space in the garage. There is garage design software and car garage plans online that can help you plan your retreat.

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