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Reasons To Choose Table Fan Over Ceiling Fans

Just because ceiling fans are found more in offices, homes and other working areas it is not legitimate to think that ceiling fans are more advantages than the table fans. In large working areas or spaces where people are always in a rush, ceiling fans are mostly used. Ceiling fans work by circulating air upwards from the ceiling to pushing it downwards. This cools the environment in summers. However, the table fans instead of pushing the air down, obtrude it in the outward direction.

One major advantage is that you can place the table fans wherever you want; positioning it before the windows can help in pulling in the fresh air. When you are at home you can move the table fan before you, whenever you feel hot. However, both the ceiling fans as well as the table fans have their own kinds of advantages and disadvantages. You have to choose the kind you want depending on your requirements and space. Check table fan online price before visiting your nearest retailer, so that you can have a prior idea of the quality and actual cost. Of course, the first major advantage would be the versatility and convenience of the table fans owing to their small and compact structure. This facilitates in the easy dragging across the rooms, whenever needed.

Table fan online shopping will give you a variety of designs and sizes to choose from. If you move in a room which has a short ceiling, and you are a tall person, the only option you are left with is to install a table fan. However, you have to be careful to leave enough space around the fan, making way for the grill. It should be placed in such a way so that people can pass by without stumbling on it. Ceiling fans have greater complexity in the sense that, they require a stable ceiling, able to aid in the load of the fan. A lot of measurements must be kept in check like the ceiling must be at least 8 feet high, with the blades 7 to 9 feet above the ground level and 10 to 12 inches below the ceiling.

Table fans are also found in a variety of sizes to suit every purpose and every space. This can be placed on the tables, floors, countertops, desk etc. to provide a local cooling in a small area. On the contrary, the ceiling fans usually have larger blades, and it is very obvious for them to circulate more air then the former. But the permanent installation of them, with the complexity of the home wiring system, makes it unfit for moving from place to place, and hence only circulate fresh air at a fixed space.

Table fans are also beneficial in the case when you permanently shift from one place to the other and all your electrical appliances get shipped. It does not leave your ceiling looking awful and crappy with all the bare wirings and holes, as the ceiling fans generally do and until you install another fixture.