Not-so-ordinary! Top 7 reasons to visit Bhutan

Bhutan, the Land of Thunder Dragon, is no mainstream place. With its gorgeous landscapes, beautiful and legendary temples and fortresses, its vibrant festivities and majorly its legitimacy, this place is a soulful destination. If you want to curb the pace of your stressful life and push it towards serenity, visiting Bhutan is one of the most ideal options. Tied with cultural veracity, the charm of this secluded Himalayan Kingdom is phenomenal. The Government is responsible for preserving the culture, traditions, and history of this place and following are some reasons why Bhutan should be on your bucket list, unquestionably.

The Philosophy- Gross National Happiness

Based on Buddhist values, Bhutan’s development philosophy is measured through Gross National Happiness. These ethics suggests that quality of life should be assessed basis spiritual and mental well-being of people. WOW! That is incredible!

Although this does not despise the regular technique of evaluating development which is GDP GNH is followed as an auxiliary development philosophy.

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The Zeal and Zest of Festivity

Organized in all the dzongs and main monasteries, Tshechu is an important religious festival of Bhutan held annually. This beautiful festival is celebrated with a lot of enthusiasm and witnesses people from near and far. It involves mask dances, cultural items, gorgeous decorations, yummy food and more. Book flights to Bhutan and experience this annual fervor in the autumn months.

Tiger’s Nest Monastery

Taktsang Goemba is considered as one of the most important Buddhist monasteries in Bhutan. Situated on a vertical cliff, 3000m North of Paro, this gorgeous structure was constructed in 1692. Legends say that Guru Rinpoche flew from Tibet on the back of a flaming tigress and landed on this cliff.

Unclimbed Territories

Bhutan is home to some of the highest unclimbed mountains in the world. Mount Jomolhari, Mount Jitchu Drake, etc. are some of the examples. These mountains are prohibited for mountaineering by the Government because the Bhutanese believe that these places are the abode for spirits and the supreme being.

The Magic Land of Museums and Monuments

Museums are the vault of Bhutanese history and carry a lot of information about their culture and history. Starting from the emergence of Guru Padmasambhava in the 8th century to later periods, the museums of Bhutan are exemplary in nature. For an impeccable experience, visit the prevalent dzongs and lhakhangs and enjoy their prominent uniqueness.

The Spice of Life

Bhutan is quite popular worldwide for using chilli as a vegetable and not as a seasoning element. Their national dish is “ema-datshi” which is a prepared using chilli and cheese and served as a stew with rice. If you are adventurous and wish to taste their flavours, then you might want not want to miss this dish.

A Devotional Oasis

Bhutan does not follow Buddhism as a religion but it is the way of life for this country. The serenity and peace of this place is the deep carving of Buddhism in the mentality of the society. The peaceful environment of this place is sculpted with spiritual and pleasant mannered humans that have respect for other beings.

Don’t wait anymore, leave the chaos and mess behind and head onto a beautiful and spiritual journey of life amidst the mountains of Bhutan.