Passive Physical Therapy Treatment For Back Pain Relief

Most people experience back pain in their life and have no idea how to treat it. Usually, normal back pain disappears within 2-3 days. But if the pain lasts more than a week and a month, it can be chronic back pain.  

Pain in your lower back can be frustrating and irritating. It can affect your ability to do everyday work, physical strength, and overall health. Back pain is a leading cause of the inability to work and activity limitation, which imposes a high economic burden on families, individuals, industry, community, and governments. Avoiding this type of issue can also create major health problems. If you are experiencing back pain with or without any reason, visiting a physical therapy clinic can be an ideal and life-changing option for you.  

A trained and skilled physical therapist can diagnose your condition and offer suitable treatment options for back pain relief in Lake Forest, CA. Before providing any kind of treatment, therapists will perform different tests to check various attributes such as level of pain, balance, physical strength, mobility, and more. Your physical therapist may recommend passive physical therapy for instant back pain relief in Lake Forest, CA. 

Passive physical therapy helps to decrease the level of pain as well as make them more manageable.  

Types of passive therapy 

Passive physical therapy is a non-invasive and effective treatment technique. This treatment includes different methods to ease pain, inflammation, and discomfort. Some common modalities of passive therapy are given below:

Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is one of the best ways to relax muscles and decrease stiffness and pain. In massage therapy, therapists utilize their hands, fingers, and elbows to apply gentle pressure to the affected area and surrounding areas. This process helps to improve the blood flow in the body and encourages your body to heal quickly. It is a100% safe and natural pain management technique. Your therapists may also use various essential oils and massage techniques for back pain relief in Lake Forest, CA, This therapy can help you to improve your movement and mobility.  

Heat and Ice Therapy 

Your physical therapist may utilize hot and cold therapy for instant back pain relief in Lake Forest, CA. This treatment technique can help you to reduce your swelling, pain, and discomfort.  

Heat draws blood into tissues. Hot packs or other heat applications maximize the flow of blood and eliminate cell wastes. By applying heating application to your affected, you can relax tight muscles, decrease muscle spasms, increase flexibility, and ease back pain.  

If you are suffering from unmanageable back pain, ice therapy can be a perfect option to manage and get rid of the pain. Ice therapy helps decrease blood flow, which reduces pain, muscle spasms, and inflammation.  

Ultrasound Therapy 

In this therapy, therapists utilize an ultrasound device to send sound waves into deep tissues. These sound waves generate gentle heat and increase the flow of blood. Experts offer this treatment to promote the body’s natural healing and decrease the recovery time.  

Some people experience that this technique offers a mildly warm sensation that relaxes muscles and eliminates back pain. Ultrasound therapy can be used to manage a wide range of health issues. Generally, it is used to treat issues of tissues. The heat effect of ultrasound devices assists in healing muscle injuries and reducing chronic inflammations. Some common benefits of this treatment are given below:

  •                     Ultrasound therapy helps to prepare your muscles for treatment 
  •                     Offers deep heat to relieve tissue tension
  •                     Reduces swelling, pain, and stiffness
  •                     Increases the flow of blood and promote healing 
  •                     Creates vibration effect to breakdown scar tissues
  •                     Improves the range of motion by breaking down scar tissue


Hydrotherapy is also known as water therapy that uses water for treatment purposes. This therapy relies on thermal and mechanical effects in order to encourage healing.   

Therapists may recommend this therapy to relax your tense muscles and to ease your back pain. Water supports your weight, which helps you to improve your movement of the joint and relieve pain.  

Possible equipment and locations for hydrotherapy may include:

  •                     Hot tubs
  •                     Saunas
  •                     Showers
  •                     Baths
  •                     Physical therapy tanks
  •                     Swimming pools
  •                     Whirlpool spas

Therapists teach to do water exercises using the resistance of water. It helps to develop flexibility and physical strength.  


The passive physical therapy modalities can be effective in easing your pain if used properly. Visiting a physical therapy clinic and seeking the advice of an expert can be the ideal option for you. A trained therapist can help you to understand the causes of your physical limitations and offer a customized passive therapy plan.

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