Active Physical Therapy For Neck Pain Relief

Our neck has a delicate joint made up of muscles, ligaments, tendons, and tissues. Any pain in the neck might lead to discomfort and a tingling sensation. You need to sit straight and keep your back aligned with the neck to stay away from such problems.


It can be your lifestyle, bad posture, job or profession, and other factors responsible for the neck pain you are experiencing. You can consult a doctor or physical therapist for the treatment. Physiotherapy is the best treatment for body pain and problems.


It includes various types of therapies for the treatment. And the treatment starts after a profound diagnosis of your condition. Therefore, you should consult a physiotherapist for neck pain relief in Cortez, CO.

When Physical Therapy May Be Recommended?

There are several cases when you should get physical therapy for neck pain, which are as follows:

Recovering from Injury

Injuries like whiplash might damage the soft tissues of your neck and joints. It can result in pain and stiffness of muscles that can last for even weeks. The physical therapy program can help you reduce the pain and restore the normal functionality of your body.

Unspecified Chronic Pain

Sometimes people go through pain that is consistent or keeps recurring. Physical therapy can assist beat this kind of pain also. The treatment is personalized after the diagnosis of the problem you are experiencing.

Recovering from Surgery

The therapies are also beneficial before and after the surgery. It can increase the effectiveness of the surgery. With the treatment, you can restore the normal functionality of the body. You can notice a positive change in your muscles health.

Goals of Physical Therapy for Neck Pain

The goals of physical therapy can vary according to the requirements of each individual. Here are a few of the common goals of physical therapy for neck pain:


  • It reduces pain and stiffness
  • Improves range of motion for neck and head
  • Prevent recurring pain with the help of different strategies
  • Improves the daily movements and posture of your neck
  • Provides strength and mobility to your neck muscles


Your goal can be among these or others as per your requirements. You can convey the same to your therapist to fetch it.

Types of Active Physical Therapy

Physical therapy includes a wide range of treatments for different types of problems. Here are a few of the active physical therapy for neck pain, which includes:

Neck Stretches and Exercises

There are several types of stretching exercises included in the treatment. These stretches can train the muscles of the cervical spine to perform in a better way. Your therapist will select the exercises and guide you about how to perform them.

Aerobic Activity

These types of exercises can improve your blood circulation and the functionality of your lungs and heart. A few low-impact exercises include cycling, swimming, brisk walking, and others. It can improve your overall health, including the health of your neck muscles and joints.

Core and Back Strengthening

Physical therapy can improve the strength of your back and core muscles. It offers benefits like improving your posture and various daily movements of the body. You can notice a positive change in the core strength of your body.

Aquatic Exercise

Physical therapy also includes a few exercises that need to be performed in a swimming pool. The pressure of water improves the functionality of your muscles. If you suffer from severe pain, your therapist might recommend some aquatic exercises of the back and shoulder.


These are the active physical therapies that can help you get rid of the problem and live healthily. The therapist can combine different activities as per the situation of the patient. Therefore, it is pretty effective in eliminating the pain.

Potential Risks Included in Active Physical Therapy

An individual should avail of the active physical therapy program from a certified therapist. There are various types of risks involved in the treatment. A few of the potential threat along with the treatment includes:

Improper Technique May Worsen Injury or Cause Another

A non-professional person might perform the therapy incorrectly, leading to another injury in your tissues or joints. You need to take proper care of yourself while you take treatment from a therapist and ensure that the therapist is certified.

Pain or Stiffness May Initially Worsen

You might feel a little pain and stiffness at the initial stage, and it is entirely normal because of the exercises. The stiffness and pain will automatically reduce after a few sessions of the therapy.

Continuing Treatment Can Be Difficult

It is common for people to quit the treatment very soon or as soon as they feel a positive change in their health. If the treatment is for two months, you should complete it instead of leaving it in the middle.

Final Thoughts

You can get active physical therapy for neck pain relief in Cortez, CO. Hire a reliable physical therapist and get complete guidance about the problem and personalized treatment for the problem.

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