Galaxy Note 8 Online Dubai

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 volume, audio as well as Do not Disturb

When you need to have some knowledge about what is going on with your mobile phone, sometimes it only needs to shut and leave you along. There are tons of options that let you manage how your phone behaves at various different occasions and it is confusing. Here is how to manage each and everything in a perfect manner.

Quickly switch vibrate alert:

When you need silence, however, are after vibration alerts, push volume button and then tap bell on the pop-up to immediately switch to vibrate. Or you can also hold down volume button to slide down for vibrating.

Set your Note 8 to silent mode:

The typical volume controls just go to vibrate which a bit is of annoying. To make your smartphone on silent mode, swipe down to quick setting and then tap sound. This will follow these steps, through sounds>vibrate> or mute. Or then again tap the base of this icon and you will have the capacity to choose sound>vibrate> mute quiet straight away.

Turn media volume down:

Hit volume up or down option, and the volume slider will show up. Tap the down key on right, and you can change your ringtone, notifications, Bixby voice, media, and system volumes freely. Ideal for when you need to watch a YouTube video on the transport without annoying others. As a genius tip, flip the alternative “utilize volume control for media”, at that point you can use volume rocker for changing volume.

Turn on Don’t Disturb

Don’t Disturb is an Android function that allows you to silent your mobile phone, however, be ready for exceptions. For instance, it will give particular individuals an options to call, or certain applications tell you. You can use it to silent work applications, yet at the same time let you hear Amazon alerts, for instance, or quiet all warnings, aside from calls from your mom. Swipe down quick settings and tap Don’t Disturb key to turn this on.

Best thing on this Do not Disturb function is how much flexible it’s. First of all, turn it on as mentioned above. After this tap notification which will appear to customize it. At this point, you can set a routine also to set your exceptions, for instance, whether you need an alarm to sound or your favorite contacts that will still come by. It is also manageable whether LED flashes here or not. For information related to prices, and availability of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Dubai, keep visiting on this website.