Best Places in Frankfurt to eat Sushi

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Who doesn’t like to eat Sushi? Are you a fond of eating Sushi at different places to search for the best taste? Then we will show you the best places in Frankfurt to enjoy your Sushi feast.


Mr. Iwase nods and smiles, you are nicely placed at the only free table. Close together, you sit in a simple atmosphere. The focus here is the food and that is the finest. To kick off a portion of Edamame – green soybeans to solve the shell, leave the shell: crunchy, nutty, and wonderful. Spicy miso soup and mini salad with sweet and sour dressing are fine appetizers; they belong to the Yakiniku set. Your main dish smells seductive: wafer-thin roasted beef on sautéed vegetables in a roast; a real pleasure. Now join half an Osashimi with nine salmon slices in perfect consistency and a California handroll. Wonderfully aromatic filled with avocado, salmon roe, and crab meat. The crowning glory: a colorful roll of futomaki with fresh mushrooms. Delicious! You say goodbye, nod and smile.


The decor is reminiscent of an Apple Store: extremely stylish! The menu includes noodle soups and classic wok dishes in addition to numerous sushi and sashimi variations. Who is overwhelmed with the choice or the Asian terms, can be advised by the extremely friendly service? As a starter try Dim Sum (5.50 Euro) with soy coriander sauce. The Maultaschen are filled differently and taste very fresh. Then there is spicy fried chicken curry (8.50 euros) and lemon beef (8.50 euros). With your beef, you catch a few sinewy pieces, but still convinced the mixture of lemongrass and vegetables.

Mala Min

The chic restaurant combines Mediterranean and Asian cuisine. Japanese sushi specialties are just as much on the menu as Italian tagliatelle. The day menu always offers fresh soups and changing daily specials. Highly recommended is the glass noodle salad.


Here, in the chic Sachsenhausen, there is art that you can eat. You are greeted with fine green tea in white ceramic cups. Sip-wise, you enjoy the malted roasted aroma, while four sushi masters show their skills behind you. Circling before you: Nigiri, Maki, California and Tempura Roll and Wakame (seaweed salad) – the classics taste great. Seductive lure other creations, you access again: finely spiced Tofuecken, buttery salmon in teriyaki sauce, juicy fried prawns, sweet and savory chicken skewers, artfully fanned avocado, sushi – and finally a sweet coconut riceartelet in the palm leaf; Terrific. Your nigiri sushi menu comes with miso soup as a starter. In a glossy bent box follow finely arranged large Nigiri, two salads with sauces,


The nibbles of your sushi range “Noriko” (26.50 Euro), including Sashimi of Salmon, Tuna and White Tuna, Nigiri Sushi, Inside Out, Maki and Tamago Roll are plastered in no time. You do not want to miss the specialty of the house and order three more White Tuna Sushi with breaded butterfish (5, 10 Euro). The fish is tender and in a slightly spicy breading a dream. But what did you actually eat there now? White tuna or butterfish? You ask and the friendly service made with you a short excursion into the fish science: the white tuna is, in fact, a Buttermakrele or butterfish, which belongs to the kind of the Tunfische. Everything fits together here: great location, well-trained staff, and first-class sushi.


In the Deutsche Bank Tower, you can experience a traditional Japanese cuisine influenced by modern Asia in the simply modern Moriki. In addition to numerous sushi variations, there are also ceviche, salad, soups and a wide selection of vegetarian dishes.