Why will Console Gaming Remain Huge Part of Game Development?

Konami issued a statement that they would focus on developing mobile games from now on. For a giant in the gaming industry to announce a drastic policy change was an important event for all the gamers. Konami received criticism from fans and critics alike but seeing as the mobile games development services and industry are getting bigger than ever and Konami’s in-the-red revenues, this wasn’t a surprising decision, but definitely prompted more because of the latter reason.This generated a lot of noise from pseudo-experts, apparently after merely glancing at cherry-picked statistics, about the future of console gaming and how it is destined to be doomed in the coming year while mobile gaming will become the go-to method for playing video games.

That is an entirely wrong claim and we’ll show you why and also provide you with actual facts to argue that the future of games development services is bright for both mobile and console gaming.It is no brainer that mobile gaming is only going to get bigger in the upcoming years with the number of smartphone and tablet users only going to increase, the revenues generated by the sale of and microtransactions in these gaming apps is one rivaling that of console games.

There is also the matter of those games being so much cheaper and literally incomparable in number. Every day, thousands of new apps become a part of App Store and Google Play, however, these are mostly new gamers, mobile gaming is not taking gamers away from hardcore console gaming.The fact of the matter is that console games development services are still huge and consistently growing. The number of sales for SONY’s Play Station 4 is on course to beat that of Play Station 2, the most successful gaming console of all times. The revenues are only increasing with over 30 billion US Dollars being generated in the last year.

Besides, some extremely popular games such majority of sports games are impossible to play with the same detail, intricacy and complexity in any handheld the device, also the mobile devices are incapable of handling such he games.This is only one example, with these games more popular than ever, there is no end in sight for console gaming.

According to some experts, the above reason among others such as the different gaming experiences on mobile devices and consoles, types of games, the charm of a gaming controller, etc. are the reasons the markets for both types of games development services are going to merge. The mobile user will turn to consoles for better and more immersive experience and serious won’t miss any opportunity to play casual, small games on their phones or tablets.At the end of the day, a mobile phone can replace minor items like a calendar, alarm or board games but its primary purpose is not gaming. It is a multi-purpose device which can also be used for gaming, it will remain so. On the other hand, consoles are built for that exact purpose so it is quite difficult to comprehend the idea that they’ll be obsolete in favor of a device that doesn’t have to game in the top 5 priorities.

Both these markets of games development services will get bigger, and the total number of people playing games will increase as it has been since the inception of video game development.