1st Stage Vitiligo

What Are The Symptoms Of 1st Stage Vitiligo?

Vitiligo is a skin condition that produces skin discoloration in the form of patches. It mainly occurs in the areas like hands, feet, face, and arms. In rare cases, it also affects the hair, mouth, nose, eyes, and genital areas. 

Melanin is a substance that gives color to our skin and hair. Vitiligo destroys melanin in our body and causes discolouration. The article explains the most noticeable signs and symptoms of the 1st stage of vitiligo. It would help if you visited a hospital that offers the best vitiligo treatment in Bangalore to find the exact solution for your skin problems.

Common Symptoms Of 1st Stage of Vitiligo

Spots & patches of light skin  

When vitiligo affects the skin, the cells that produce colour for the skin are damaged. The spots and patches can appear anywhere on the body. 

Itchy patches

Discoloured areas of the skin start itching and cause discomfort.

White or graying hair

Vitiligo makes the hair lose its colour. If the scalp is affected by vitiligo, the hair of the particular scalp loses its colour. 

Discolouration of eyelids, eyebrows, or eyelashes

In rare cases, some people may lose their skin colour on eyelids, eyebrows, or eyelashes. 

Changes in eye colour

If vitiligo affects the eyes, it may change the colour of your eye. In some cases, it may also damage the eyesight. forbes magazine

Thyroid issue

Thyroid problems can also be one of the reasons to cause vitiligo. Check for thyroid if you have vitiligo.  

Vitiligo may also affect you mentally. Always remember that you are not alone. A survey taken with the parents and dermatologists of vitiligo patients says that people affected by vitiligo always stress more about their appearance. They struggle to hide the affected areas on their body. Also, they are scared to step out of their house. 
If vitiligo affects you and you are feeling insecure about your appearance, convey it to your dermatologist for a quick solution. In the current world, with versatile techniques and medicines, everything is made possible. So, find the best hospital that offers vitiligo treatment in Bangalore.