Top 10 Hotels to Stay In London

When a city has a lot of historical and entertainment features, it is crowded with tourists from all over the world. With demand comes supply, and there is no abundance of hotels in that city. In the case of London, there is a profusion of five-star, four-star, or any other category hotel. But with this much availability and choice, confusion can arise. People can sometimes become indecisive when choosing a place to stay in London. They can sometimes prefer comfort over price, sometimes the other way, and mostly both the ways. For this reason, we have narrowed it down to the top ten hotels to stay in London. These hotels are in the different luxury category and cannot be compared with one another, however, they are outstanding picks from their categories.

So if you want to spend some cash to avail top quality hoteling services, or save and enjoy an economical trip with reasonable prices and service, we have laid down a list. But before we start, we want you to consider saving on your flights to London, by comparing cheap flights on an aggregator.

5 Star:

The Dorchester – Mayfair, London

Stay at Dorchester, one of the finest London’s five-star hotel. You can discover the true meaning of luxury by choosing from their exquisite range of suits and luxury rooms. Their alleys and hallways are remarkable furnished and designed, which make it one of the reasonably priced, best five-star hotel in London.

The Savoy – Covent Garden, London, England

Located on an island above the river, The Savoy Hotel is set between two busy roads. It is a five-star luxury hotel and one of the best in London. We have picked it for its Edwardian style on the riverside. You can see the celebrated lacquer and gilt red lift, along with the Art Decoration on the Strand side. It is where Savoy Grill is reopened by Gordon Ramsay. You can also get the best view of River Thames from the American Bar managed Deco Glamour. The accommodation is great, with large and fresh bedrooms and clean toilets. The prices are also well below than any other hotel in the same category. If you want a lavish and luxurious stay in London, this should be your top pick.

The Ritz London – Mayfair

The Ritz London is one fine choice of stay in London. A state of the art five-star hotel, its long gallery and palm court are always stunningly gorgeous. Their dining room is also one of the best in the whole Europe. This hotel is truly the definition of seeing it to believe it. From their decoration to their hallways, galleries, and view, they are just crystal perfect. A stay in this hotel can make your London trip from good to better. Their service, rooms, washrooms, and food is best and faultless.

4 Star:

Radisson Blu Edwardian – Kenilworth, London

One of the best pick to stay in London. This four-star luxury hotel is just a few meters away from renowned Oxford Street and British Museum. It features a fitness suite, stylish rooms, and free Wi-Fi. It is also extravagantly decorated with amazing furniture, art, and fabric. With this ideal location, the prices are comparatively lower than you must expect.

The Rough Luxe Hotel – King Cross, London

A four-star hotel but equipped with all the luxuries of a five-star, The Rough Luxe Hotel has forged a new design and culture. It is half coarse and half superfluity, which perfectly suits everyone’s need. The living area is spacious with bare floorboards and peeling walls. Their washroom is also modern and cleanliness is top of the board.

Andaz Liverpool Street – East London

Andaz Liverpool Street hotel is one of the largest hotels in the city of London. It has almost 267 guest rooms. It is set in the heart of vivacious East London and is one of the best spots for leisure and business guests. For the sake of fun and visitors amazement, they have some unusual features such as Greek Masonic Temple. It also used to host Freemason’s meetings over the years.

3 Star:

Central Park Hotel – Queensborough Terrace London

A three-star hotel in Queensborough Terrace London, it is one of the best choices for a comfortable stay at reasonable price. It is located in central London, which makes it an ideal and natural selection for people who are touring this city, or even on a business trip. Prices are all amazing and everything is in top quality and shape for a three-star hotel.

Best Western Burns Hotel – Kensington, London

Best Western Burns Hotel is located in Kensington, London. It features a terrace, garden, multilingual staff and clean spacious rooms. The hotel itself is an eco-friendly place and you can avail a 24-hour room service, safety deposit box and much more. It is one fine choice for a three-star hotel accommodation in London.

SO Paddington Hotel – Norfolk Square, London

SO Paddington Hotel becomes a natural and ideal choice for anyone to stay as it is located in an ideal place. Formerly known as The Warwick Hotel, it is set in Leafy Square near Paddington Station. It is also near Heathrow Airport, London Eye, the Tower of London and other famous landmarks of this amazing city.

2 Star:

Star Hotel – Hammersmith, London

A unique, clean, comfortable and ideal place of stay for people traveling on a budget, Star Hotel is a two-star hotel located in Hammersmith, London. It just a few minutes’ walk away from Hammersmith Tube Station. The hotel provides a clean sensation of stay with a friendly atmosphere. It is ideal for families and students.