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This Amazing Indian Fusion Dessert will Make You Feel Mouth-watered

What we are about to discuss about is nothing but an amazing Indian fusion dessert that can be eaten on special Indian occasions to double up the fun with something that is Indian hence mouth-watering.

So what is the name of that dessert? You must be whispering this, so let us tell you that the name of that cake is “Thandai Mousse Cake” which makes people go mad for that.

This cake is purely eggless and made with Indian Thandai. There are also many other cakes you can buy from our best online cake shop in Mumbai at a very reasonable price. This is a simple to make but extremely wonderful in taste.

So, why do not know what is special in this cake and who first made this? It will be fun, believe us!

#1) What Thandai mousse cake includes?

So, now we willing be dividing into the ingredients needed to make a thandai mousee cake and let you know the specialty of this amazing Indian fusion dessert as well;

  • The base of this thandai mousee cake is an eggless sponge that is flavored a bit with cardamom to bring a little Indianness in this dessert. Well, the base can also be made with egg but it is said that it still tastes amazing without having an egged base.
  • The mousse is made with the great combination of thandai and white chocolate that bring wonders to its taste.
  • This Indian fusion dessert, thandai mousse cake is decorated with chopped almonds, saffron, and pistachios that bring its amazing lookout and also give some crunch to this mouth-watering dessert.

So this is what makes this Indian fusion dessert a really amazing but simple dessert. You can also get this fusion dessert with the best cake delivery in Ghaziabad to your doorsteps hassle-free and at a reasonable price.

#2) Benefits of having this dessert on your special occasions

This cake is nothing but an invincible fusion dessert that is simple to make and great to eat. You can make and eat this cake on your special occasions with your family and closed ones.

Well, this cake includes many health benefits as well so we are mentioning a few to convince;

  • It improves the immune system as it includes dry-fruits such as almonds, saffron, pistachios, nuts and many more so this simple cake can do a lot for you.
  • It includes chocolate that is high in antibiotics and caffeine so it keeps a person refreshed and better brain functioning hand in hand.

#3) Who made this amazing Indian fusion dessert for the first time?

Nothing was important than the answer to this question. Who made this dessert? First of all, it seriously matters that who made this dessert because that person is one who invented something new that we can say is ours. No matter it is a fusion, but it is true Indian.

So without boring you, this cake was first made by Arunima and his complete recipe is given here. Now you can make one of your own with ease.

Final thoughts

This post was made with the purpose to make you aware of a new fusion dessert that is Indian with roots so we did. Hope you loved the post!

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