Most common types of sports injuries

If you love to play sports, then you must know the benefits of sports as well. Sports are the other types of exercise that help your body to form a better version of health. Every sportsperson knows the benefits of getting exercise while performing something you like or which is interesting. We can say that sports are the exciting version of the exercise that people love to perform for their excellent health. 


However, sports also consist of risks that can harm your body. Most sportspeople put themselves at lots of risks while playing challenging games like football, basketball, cricket, and many others. Sports injuries are considered the most common injury, especially in the sportsperson. Around millions of people, every year suffer from sports injuries. To get quality medical services and treatment, you can rely on the sports injury clinic Clinton, MD. 


Prevention is the best treatment, and for that, you can prevent all types of soft sports injuries. In that case, it is essential to learn about the kinds of sports injuries. 


Types of sports injuries:


It is essential to know that injuries caused by strain and overuse can be prevented by doing pre and post-sports stretching. Make sure to take enough rest to keep your body healthy. There are two types of sports injuries which include acute injuries and chronic injuries. Acute injuries occur suddenly. Chronic injuries occur over a specific time or period. Here is the list of sports injuries that you need to restrain yourself from. 



  • Strains



A strain is another type of sports injury. Many people get confused with the terms strain and a sprain. A strain and a sprain are two different things. In the case of strains, it hurts the muscle region. On the other hand, in the case of a sprain, it hurts the ligaments. A strain mainly creates a stretch or torn muscle tissue while overextending your joints or tissues. Mild strains are caused by repetitive motion. In the case of acute strain, it is caused while running, jumping, or lifting. 


A strain can also occur when you quickly change your direction. Mostly there are higher chances to get the symptoms of strain in cold weather. Symptoms include sudden pain, followed by the immediate and limited range of motion in the affected areas. Injuries can be acute or chronic; it is essential to get proper medical help to overcome your injuries effectively. It is highly recommended to access treatment if you have chronic pain.



  • Back injuries



Your back portion and the column of your spine undergo some level of stress with almost every activity related to sports. Over a certain period, this stress can also accumulate in inflammation around the back region. Most of the time, injuries to the discs are frequently caused in the upper or lower back region, leading to back pain. Back injuries are very serious, and it is essential to seek appropriate treatment for better results. 


The treatment of back injuries depends on the injury condition and ranges from rest to physical therapy or surgical procedures in some cases. A physical therapy program is considered the best and most effective way to deal with injuries. Physical therapy will ensure to reduce the risk of back pain and injuries by keeping your back muscles strong and flexible enough to bear the symptoms. 



  • Broken bones



A broken bone is the most common type of sports injury caused by the sudden force applied to a bone. Broken bones, which are also called fracture bones, can happen in almost any sport. Symptoms of broken bones include sudden pain, swelling in the affected areas, numbness, and tenderness. When you have broken bones, you notice the affected areas don’t look right or normal like usual, and you may not even be able to move your affected joints. Broken bones come in the category of acute injuries. 



  • Rotator cuff injuries



A rotator cuff is an area that is inside your shoulder. The rotator cuff helps your shoulder to move and to keep it in a stable position. When your rotator cuff gets injured, you may notice symptoms like swelling in your shoulder, pain whenever you lift your arm, or pain when you try to reach your back. Rotator cuff injuries are the most common when the same actions are repeated several times. 


Final Verdict


Treatment depends on the condition of the injuries. Other factors include the type and severity of the injuries. You need to see your doctor when the pain persists after a few days. Ensure to rely on sports injury clinic Clinton, MD to access better treatment options for every sports injury. However, several exercises or physical therapy programs help overcome injuries or damage to your affected areas. You can reduce the risk of injuries with the help of physical therapy.

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