Make Your Impression with Interview Etiquettes

Etiquettes are very important in every walk of life ranging from greetings in the morning to the dinner at night. And when you are going for an interview, make sure that you follow the proper interview etiquettes. Although it sounds quite simple to be on your best behavior, many people mess up their interview because of poor etiquettes. The reason could be anything. Some candidates get too nervous during the interview and they forgot what they have prepared for. Grab the job opportunities by following these etiquettes.

Let’s explore some interview etiquettes that will help you make a long-lasting impression on interviewer.

  • Greet Your Interviewer
    • The first impression you make on interviewer’s mind will probably influence their final decision. So, always greet them with a smile on your face as it makes you appear confident, friendly, and approachable.
    • The proper and professional way to handshake is using the entire hand, extending the arms for a firm but not with overbearing grip. Shake it like you mean it.
  • Be Punctual
    • Arrive 15 minutes early in the interview. The reason for this is because the company set aside time in their busy schedule for you. So, you should also take care of that. It shows that you value the time of others and yours as well.
  • Dress Professionally
    • Find out the dress culture of the company before you step into the company. And always keep one thing in your mind “Dress to impress”. Get dressed up in a manner that is perfect for the position you have applied for.
    • It should be comfortable and fit you well so that you can act your best. Avoid loud colors.
  • Make Sure Your Cell Phone Is Off
    • Phones usually create distractions during the interview. So, keep it on silent mode, not on vibration mode. As it is the life-changing moment for the candidate, so the little things can make a big difference. It would be far better if you keep your keep mobile phones outside the interview premises.
  • Promptly Send a Thank You Note after Your Interview

    • This is a must in your job interview etiquettes. It not only shows your courtesy but also keeps your name in front of those interviewers.

Apart from the above interview etiquettes, there are certain things which a candidate should avoid while appearing for an interview. Such things include asking the interviewer about your salary first. Let them ask your salary. Don’t ever say that your previous company boss was incompetent. Because it shows that you will do the same thing in your future interview.

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So, these are some of the etiquettes which very candidates, whether a fresher or experience should follow during the interview. There are ample of job opportunities. So you don’t need to worry about.


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Engineer by education but a professional content writer by passion, Pragyan Prabha finds solace in writing. She loves writing on job search, interview tips and career guidance.