IMG Worlds of Adventure

Dubai has many places for adventure rides, but the majority of them are for kids. But if you are looking for a place wherein both adults and kids can have fun, your best bet is to visit IMG Worlds of Adventure. Whether you come here with kids or family members or friends, you can stay rest assured that you will have loads of entertainment and fun in this unique adventure park. It has rides for both adults and kids alike.

Dubai is a modern city with its fascinating and ultra-modern architecture with beautiful skylines that present magnificent bird-eye views. IMG Worlds of Adventure is a valuable addition to the list of the city’s amazing tourist attractions. So if you are planning to visit IMG World of Adventure, the guide below will guide you through.

Begin your journey of IMG Worlds of Adventure with Cartoon Network

If you plan to visit IMG World of Adventure with a little one, it would be ideal for you to start by first visiting Cartoon Network zone. This place has fun rides for kids in the backdrop of several cartoon characters. Your kid may be already familiar with a few of them. The popular cartoon characters that you can find here include Gumball, Ben10, Powerpuff Girls, and more.

In connection with the number of cartoon characters, you can compare IMG Worlds of Adventure to Warner Bros’ Cartoon Junction. However, both places have different cartoon characters. Cartoon Junction has old cartoon characters, whereas IMG Worlds of Adventure entails new ones. Kids are more likely to relate to the cartoon characters at the Cartoon Network Zone, as they belong to the current generation.

The Cartoon Network zone offers relaxed rides, so your kid can sit back and relax while taking a ride here. Some of its popular rides include the ones that relate to various kingdoms and the Ride of OOO. The latter involves two popular characters, namely Finn and Jake. To give your kid an extra dose of adventure and thrill, you can also consider the following rides:

● Ben 10 5D Hero Time

● The Amazing Ride of Gumball

However, you can think about giving the Cartoon Network zone at IMG Worlds of Adventure a miss if you do not visit the place with a kid.

Explore the Marvel Zone – the one-stop destination for rides featuring superheroes

Some people are fascinated by superheroes. If you happen to be one of them, you must visit the Marvel Zone at IMG Worlds of Adventure. It provides immersive 3D experiences with a 360-degree view. 

From Avengers Battle of Ultron to Spiderman, its rollercoaster ride will meet your expectations of seeing your favourite superheroes right before you. This exciting and fulfilling ride is all about exploring superheroes with an immersive experience. Just like others, you might find it amazing how quickly time passes by while taking the rides in this special zone of IMG Worlds of Adventure.

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Experience the thrill of a rollercoaster in the Lost Valley

The Lost Valley houses two popular forms of rollercoasters. One of them is located outdoors, whereas the other one has a 90-degree angle and is located indoors. The former is long and winding, and it also has twists.

The best part about the Lost Valley is its rides. The Velociraptor ride is for those who look for the thrill from roller coasters. While the ride begins indoors, it moves to the outdoors and lasts for 2 minutes. Throughout this duration, you will not only experience twists and turns but also hear screams. 

Predator is the other ride that grabs the attention of visitors. It is an indoor rollercoaster that gives a distinct feeling of adventure. For brave youngsters, or even kids, who want to experience a real chill down the spine with a dose of fun, it is a must-visit place. The rollercoaster features a one-minute vertical drop that puts the bravery of even the brave adventure seekers to test.

For more adventure, you can head to the Adventure Fortress. It is a world with slides, ladders, tunnels, and rope bridges wherein you can spend quality time with your friends or family members. Even as you come here with little ones, you can rest assured that they will also enjoy and have fun throughout their stay.

What is the ideal time for visiting IMG Worlds of Adventure?

When it comes to visiting IMG Worlds of Adventure, there is no hard-and-fast rule regarding timings. It is an indoor theme park that remains open every day. As such, you can come here on any one of the 365 days in a year. The best part about it is its temperature-control mechanism. Without a doubt, it is one of the noteworthy features of the indoor theme park. 

With the temperature regulation system, IMG Worlds of Adventure offers an invaluable experience to its visitors, even during summers. Even when the temperature is at its peak in summer, you will neither sweat nor experience discomfort due to heat, throughout your stay in the park.

While IMG Worlds of Adventure remains busy throughout the year and in all seasons, it witnesses a surge in the number of visitors during holidays and weekends. At the weekends or on holidays, the indoor theme park remains replete with queues all around.

Daily timings

While IMG Worlds of Adventure remains open every day, its timings are not the same throughout the week. It remains open between 11 am and 8 pm from Sunday to Wednesday. On the remaining three days of the week, it remains open for 12 hours between 11 am and 11 pm.

Whether you wish to visit this place with your family or friends, make certain you do it in the aforementioned window on a given day in a week.


The IMG Worlds of Adventure offers exciting possibilities to both kids and adults alike in its different zones. These zones have a wide range of fascinating rides matching the preferences of each visitor. So, choosing your type of ride based on your preferences is simple and easy in this breathtaking venue. Keep the timings on each day in mind and plan your visit accordingly for an invaluable experience.