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How to Choose the Best Japanese Rifle Scope for Hunting

When searching for a rifle scope for hunting, it is important to find the right choice that will meet your needs rather than your dreams. With the aggressive marketing that rifle scope and Japanese optic companies are doing, it is possible to end up buying the wrong rifle scope for hunting. Here are the key considerations that you need to make when searching for a best Japanese rifle scope as well as the deon optics.



The scope magnification is always a good thing to consider. When the scope lens magnifies things to 10 times their size, this will mean that things will appear bigger. A deer that is 100 yards away will look as if they are only 10 yards away. Consider whether you need a scope that is big and heavy that will a deer that is 100 yards away look as if it is only 4 yards away. If you need a scope for the big game hunting that will be shooting from 600 yards away, it is advisable to choose a scope that has 10X magnification. In case you plan to be shooting at rodents or even targets that are 400 to 100 yards away, you can choose the scopes that range from 14 times to 30 times. However, you will need to be ready to handle the weight. A big and heavy scope is a good choice for the targets that are big and heavy.

Size of the objective lens

We all understand how big objective lenses have the ability to let in more light. However, this will also come at a cost as the scopes are usually heavier, bigger and more expensive.

Big main tubes are not brighter

The main tubes that are 30mm x 34mm are a good choice for increasing the range of reticle adjustment as well as the zoom range. However, these don’t produce any notable brightness increase. The size of the exit pupil is determined by the diameter of the objective lens divided, by the power. This can match the dilation of your pupil in determining the amount of light that will pass through the retina. An exit pupil diameter that is more than 7 mm can be overkill.

Illuminated reticles do not light their subject

scope lens cap

When a reticle is lighted, this will show you the sight that you are aiming in the darkness but will not brighten the target. All you will need is the maximum transmission of light to achieve that too and this can be provided by the scopes that are fully multi-coated. After getting the right riflescope, you will need to choose the right scope lens cap.