How Long Before a Website Appears in Google?

To be straightforward, there is no concrete or exact time about how long does it take for your website to appear in Google search results.It may take from hours, days to weeks. First of all, Google indexes the new websites and time this process takes usually vary following several different factors. In other words, it would be true to say that this is not in our hands. However, there are certain measures that one may take to speed up the process of submitting the domain name for indexing.

So what are the factors that may answer the old question, how long does it take a website to be appeared in Google?

Indexing: The most significant thing in making your site discoverable by Google is to ensure that it can easily be accessed by the Google bot which is also named as a “spider”. This is software to crawl the web pages. Google bot adds the collected documents to the Google index. When one types a phrase or a word in the search box, Google pulls all the web pages relevant to the search terms from the Google index.

Sitemap: Creating a sitemap is one of the ways enabling Google bot to find your website. It is an XML document listing each page of your website. This document is stores in the website server so that it stays at the place where spider may check for any kind of addition or updates on the site. Submitting the sitemap to the Google webmaster tools make the Google discovering process speedy. It is because Google will be notified about your presence directly.

Hyperlinks: Make it a habit to share the URL to your site. Post it on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks. At the same time send the links to the blog and article directories. Last but not the least, don’t feel shy to interlink your website pages or create the links leading visitors to other sites. The more links you will have more are the chances of having Google to pick it up.

High quality content: In case your website will not have quality content, your site may not be indexed. Therefore, you need to ensure that there are no grammatical or spelling errors, it has no plagiarized material and has enough number of pages.

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