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How to Solve The Fridge its Not Cooling But the Freezer Works?

Modern appliances are formed by implying advanced technologies such as fridges come in diverse styles but they get operated using the basic systems. There might be multiple reasons that can be behind when your fridge cannot work. There are different issues that can be responsible for the malfunctioning of your fridge. It becomes messy when you get the warmness from the fridge but the freezer is still cold. There are the hidden problems that halt the process of cooling in the fridge whilst your freezer keeps to cool.

Faulty Evaporator Coils:

This is among the top reasons that there might be a fault that occurred in the evaporator coils that makes the performance of the fridge disturbed whilst the freezer is in full action. This faulty appliance can get you in trouble endangering your eatables to deteriorate.  You might be disgusted by this fact when the freezer works and its other part refrigerator tends to be warmer. You need to get the evaporator coils inspected and repaired accordingly.

Damper control malfunctioning:

The refrigerator gets cold by the use of the air coming from the freezer section with the usage of a damper system. Such occurrence could happen if there comes any defect in the damper control assembly it can get blocked, damaged, or just completely stop working. If such a problem occurs when you don’t get the appropriate level of air transformed from freezer to refrigerator system. In such a situation you certainly need to yourself inspect the damper whether it is closing or opening correctly. If it doesn’t work properly you need to get it replaced. You certainly need one appliance repair company for getting things back to an apple pie order.

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Error in Defrost Control System:

Most of the refrigerators use the defrost control system to manage appropriate cooling and save the evaporator coils from getting totally frosted. The defrost system maintains a stable temperature to prevent any freezing conditions in the Refrigerator. Thanks to the defrost control board that it engages the system on the known intervals. A refrigerator repair company can inspect such situations efficiently, fixing them promptly.

If the defrost control system collapses and stops working your refrigerator will lose the efficiency to remove heat at the needed intervals getting your fridge to the warm temperatures. You need to either get it repaired or replaced if the defrost heater is working but the whole control system doesn’t work and there is warm temperature enabled inside the fridge. You don’t always identify these issues and can’t know How to Fix diverse conditions.

When thermistor breaks down:

The thermistors are the one which sends the information to the main control board and if the temperature gets too high or low the thermistor to impart the effort to get the message to the control board to get the compressor turned on or off respectively.

A thermistor is the one that sets everything in the right manner if it breaks and might go wrong and doesn’t manage according to the needs. A broken thermistor can lead to the running of the compressor too often or not sufficiently this will be leading to improper temperature. You shall test for the continuity with the usage of a multimeter if it doesn’t fix up you need a new one for it. You cannot identify all issues on your own and you need an expert to get things fixed so your refrigerator works properly.

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