Are you looking for system administrator jobs? Or you are planning to leave your current job. Then this post is only meant for you. Right after the completion of education, the topmost requirements is to get a job in the desired sector.

A system administrator has undertaken the responsibility of proper operationalization of the company’s IT system. And this also includes hardware, software, and network. They are also referred to as SysAdmin. They are usually the first point of contact. They are required to combine excellent troubleshooting skills with an ability to explain technical details to a completely non-technical user. During the interview candidates are tested for their knowledge of IT system.

If you want to get a job then you must prepare yourself in such a way that in one shot you get selected. But before applying for the job you must meet all the requirements of the position. You need to prepare yourself with all the interview questions and appropriate answers. Some of the commonly asked questions in system administrator jobs interview are as follows:

  • What do you understand by Active Directory?
  • What does Domain refer to?
  • What do you understand by Domain Controller?
  • Can you define Group Policy?
  • What are GPOs (Group Policy Objects)?
  • What do you mean by LDAP?
  • Where is the AD database stored?
  • What is the SYSVOL folder?
  • What do you understand Garbage collection?
  • When do we use WDS?
  • What do you mean by DNS and which port number is used by DNS?
  • What are main Email Servers and what all are their ports?
  • What do Forests, Trees, and Domains mean in IT?
  • Why do we use DHCP?
  • What are Lingering Objects?
  • How can we remove Lingering Objects?
  • Why should you not restore a DC that was backed up 6 months ago?
  • How do you backup AD?

Likewise, there are many other questions which you can find on various job portals. Some of the leading job portals in India are Indeed, MonsterIndia, Shine and many more. All you need to do is just register to the job portal. The steps are very simple. But the very first thing you need to do is make your CV with the use of appropriate keywords. To make your CV you can also take help of a professional or a friend. Once you are ready with a professional CV or resume, you can start registering on the various job portals. After you register on the job portals, complete your profile with educational qualifications, skills, experience if any. Then after that, you can start your job search on the basis of various factors. With the passage of time job portals have modified and have started providing career tips, interview question and many more to the candidates. And if you are looking for system administrator jobs in India then job portals can help you in getting jobs. As the profile is a part of software jobs so the numbers of job opportunities are in huge number.

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