Five Useful Tips to Improve Entrepreneurial Work-Life Balance

No matter what business we are engaged in or what type of entrepreneur we are, being an entrepreneur every one of us has a first-hand experience of how tricky it can be to balance the heavy workload and our life around it with the life away from it.

Like every other entrepreneur, we would also like to live that mythical healthy work-life striking an apt balance between the both. But very few are able to achieve it. As a matter of fact, attaining a complete balance in itself is very idealistic and unreal. Achieving a perfect balance or close to it is next to impossible. But being said that you may not have absolute control but some steps can be taken to align with work and life balance to improve the same.

Establish your priorities:

The first and foremost thing which we should do is make a list of everything that is going in our life. Then we should start ranking each of these tasks and responsibilities to Heena descending order of importance. This should include everything from a business to our personal life and everything in between.

We should be hundred percent honest with ourselves when we are ranking these things based on our priorities. Once we are done it will make us much confidence as well as easier for us to determine how much time we should be allocating these things in a business as well as personal life based on their importance.

Account for every (waking) minute of your day:

We can all admit that we have jumped online to check social media or watch a YouTube video, only to discover an hour later at the time and wonder where the past hour went? It happens with everyone and we all have done it, at some point as well.

However, we can make every minute of the day productive when we keep an account of every minute. This allows us to complete an important task and leave time for us and our family. As we all know if we keep a tight schedule we will be finishing up our work at the office and leaving one or two earlier for home.

Don’t be afraid to say ‘no.’:

We shouldn’t be trying to please everyone in compromising a time schedule for them by telling yes to everyone. We shouldn’t feel guilty about using this word often what we should stay focus on investing our time on top priorities. Which will enable us to be comfortable with saying no. Once we develop a habit of not compromising on it will have a direct impact on productivity as well as on our work-life balance.

Understand that there is no ‘perfect’ scenario:

As an entrepreneur, we may find it tricky to strike a perfect balance between work and personal life. But if we recognize the fact that there is no such thing as a perfect but work life balance but it gets much easier to stay focused on making an adjustment to improve and not to perfect it, as things always flow unpredictably. For instance, we look at Luigi Liscio and Anthony Liscio of Alto Properties, a multi-unit residential real estate company. He exactly knew when to say no and when to not, which enabled him to strike a near-perfect balance in his professional and personal life.

Unplug from work when it’s family/personal time:

It is much better to spend two hours of quality time with family in an evening it is completely free from distraction than spending three hours in which you constantly have to check a mail every five minutes you doing other work-related things. Hence we should unplug ourselves from work when we are with the family.