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Can iCloud Activation lock be removed from iPhone?

Are you bought iPhone device from your friend or second-hand retailer? Is a previous owner of your iPhone device forgotten to remove their account information? If like so, then iCloud lock also lock your iPhone and you can’t use that device. But, you don’t worry; luckily there are two ways to remove iCloud activation lock.

The first way is, you can take your iPhone with ownership proof and approach an Apple store to remove iCloud activation lock. But, this is not possible at all times, because if you bought iDevice from eBay or other sites, then you can’t get ownership proof to unlock iCloud activation lock.

Thus, a new method to bypass iCloud activation lock in all iDevices – second way is introduced to help you people. With this second method, you can able to remove iCloud activation lock permanently.

In addition to that, this new method is helped to bypass iCloud Activation lock, when it’s necessary to enter the username and password of iCloud. And, it also permanently removes the iCloud lock account from your phone and makes it function normally.

Want to know what is that second way? Let’s see!!

Steps to remove iCloud activation lock permanently from iDevice:

Here are the step-by-step procedures to remove iCloud activation lock permanently from your any version of iDevice.

Step #1:

At first, you need to download the unlock tool to remove iCloud activation lock from your phone. No matter that you have which version of iPhone such as 6, 6+, 5s, 5c, 5 or other versions. Based on the version, download the unlock tool. For example, download iCloud lock iPhone 6 and continue the below steps.

Step #2:

After downloading the unlock tool for you iPhone, install it on your computer or MAC device. During the installation of the unlocking tools, you need to click ‘Next’ until you reached the end of the installation process.

Step #3:

Connect your iPhone device to the computer system or MAC device. Once the install process complete, choose the option ‘check’. It will scan the connected iDevice.

Step #4:

After that, enter the device IMEI number which is 15 digit unique numbers for your phone. And also, enter any one of your email Id.

Step #5:

Now, you need to choose to sever of your iPhone that means, pick-sever iPhone 6, server iPhone 6+ or like more.

Step #6:

Then, select I agree on the option and click an unlock. The process of unlocking works automatically, but your need to wait for some more minutes to completely remove locked the iClould account. Meanwhile, the unlock tool also send the details to your mail id that you entered in the previous step.

But, you can use a mail id for once, on the next time you need to try with another mail id. Otherwise, it shows an error message.

That’s all!! You removed the locked iCloud activation lock from your iPhone.

Alternative way:

You can also unlock your iPhone activation lock in the following way.

At first, visit the Official iCloud Activation Lock Removal website like ‘’ and in that window, click iCloud unlock. After that, enter the details like iPhone model and iPhone IMEI number. For this process, you need to pay required money and wait for 2 to 3 days to unlock the iCloud account.

How to get IMEI number?

There are two ways to know your iDevice IMEI number. By dialing *#06#, you can get IMEI number, but if your device also locked, then just tap on the ‘i’ on the device screen which displays the number.