Best ethnic sarees at low cost

No matter you put on jeans with a cool top or your favourite black dress, but getting dressed up in a saree will surely leave others spellbound. That is the thing about wearing Indian, you not only carry a simple yet elite look, but it looks glamorous than any other. Be it a wedding function or first day in office, saree can carry the look with utmost grace. That is why schools enforce wearing saree on the farewell which signifies entering into the real world and growing up. It is surely worn frequently by middle-aged women but young girls can also put them on and look mesmerizing. Given below are some types of saree to choose from when you are confused which one to go with:

  • Banarasi Saree- Rich to the roots

If you ever wish to look your best, get draped in a Banarasi saree. Embroidered with heavy golden on its borders it is infused with a lot of colours. With a feast of colours, these silk sarees can leave anyone spellbound. Their texture, colours and intricate work have put it forth in the place of bridal sarees of North India. They can be paired with simple blouses as the saree speaks for itself and is quite heavy. Along with the right kind of jewellery, it will surely give out a very elegant look. Simple and elite, Varanasi has definitely given India a gem in the form of this culture of sarees.

  • Chanderi Saree- A pretty peek

From the lands of Madhya Pradesh comes this wonder of tissue silk which drapes the woman in simplicity and royalty altogether. These are also known as the mastery of the textile industry. With patterns such as floral, geometry and other chanderi patterns these make the aptest choices in daytime events. They not only distinguish the person from others but give out a different traditional vibe. Keep the jewellery light and avoid printed heels. Keep the entire look formal and distinguished. This beautiful piece can be made yours for just Rs. 511. Visit Myntra and buy now.

  • Tant Saree- Highly Alluring

The roots of West Bengal have that essence which can make a saree delve deep into its culture. With the right blend of colours, patterns and stitching, this is one of the best you can wear. These are stiff cotton sarees and not easily flowing like silk. They keep the look crisp and formal. Women of Bengal wear it on special occasions like Durga Puja or Diwali which explains how they fit well in the festivities. A very simple blouse with golden jewellery can make the look complete and give you a stunning charm.

  • Floral Print- Summery look done right

If you need sarees to wear on a daily basis and deal with summer heat together, then floral printed hosiery saree is your call. They are cheap, look decent and go well on a daily basis. The cloth is just right to help you beat the heat. They can be paired well with the same pattern of floral blouses, matching flats and light accessories. Do this and your look is complete. The saree in the picture can be found on Myntra saree under 500 range.

  • Half and Half Saree- Extremely striking

Brought in by the trend of Sridevi, this saree gives you two colours instead of one. The blouse and the falls are of one colour with the pallu differently coloured. Different permutations combinations amongst these are made but two solid colours together make up the very famous trend of half and a half. You can wear it to parties and are more of a night look saree. The blouse is out of one of the two colours the saree contains which paired with matching artificial stone jewellery give out an absolute ravishing look. Nice long golden heels will complete the outfit. If you like the saree in the picture, visit myntra and order this saree for just Rs. 500.

  • Lehenga style Saree- Lets blend

When you’ve always loved to put on lehengas and love the falls like that of a lehenga, wearing a saree and moreover managing it can be quite boring. But not when you have a lehenga style saree. Especially for newly married women or young girls, this fashion trend is one of the most trendings. Weddings, parties or anywhere, this can be paired very well with a heavy blouse and studded jewellery and heels to complete the look.

  • Plain Saree- Simplicity embraced

For morning meetings or brunch dates, a simple solid colour saree works the best. Don’t worry too much on missing out because it can be paired with a pretty sleeveless blouse of the same colour and light accessories. Solid colours of teal, aqua, lemon look absolutely beautiful if you want to carry a simple yet attractive look. Surely accessorize your plain saree with a watch and right kind of footwear to stand out amongst others.

After going through these different varieties and types of sarees, you’ll surely be willing to buy some for yourself and embrace the look. So you don’t need to take your car out, but simply take out your phone and log on to myntra. Myntra has a vast collection of all of these and you’ll only get confused selecting. And that too most of them won’t even cost you 500 bucks. Cheap, elegant and attractive. Get great deals on the sarees by using Myntra promo codes and choose your best pick!

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