About admission processes in boarding schools

Regardless of which boarding school you finalize, it is important to first mentally figure out the critical steps and principles, involved in the boarding school application process. Generally, the standards of admissions required by boarding schools are high. Mostly, Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s) section of the boarding school’s website will have all the necessary answers to your admission-related queries.

Admission process for boarding schools can involve competition. The first step of the boarding school application process begins with choosing the schools to which you would like to send your children to. A few boarding schools expect parents or guardians to apply early (before the expected time) for their kids. If you are keen on submitting an early application, you must send a completed application by the end of November (depending on which school you are applying to) to the boarding school authorities. Additionally, you have to make a commitment that your child will attend the boarding school if your application is accepted. So, it makes sense that you understand the guidelines issued by the particular boarding school before despatching your completed application to them.

About admission tests in boarding schools

Most boarding schools have some kind of an entrance examination, as part of their enrolment process. Boarding School Admissions application process generally requires would-be boarding school pupils to sit for a short examination of skill or knowledge, whose results will have to be submitted, when submitting their application. So, it is advisable that your child is well-prepared before appearing for this examination. Furthermore, children with an identified disability or disabilities can also take this exam.

Most Boarding school admissions tests commonly require pupils to sit for an exam that lasts 3 hours; it usually consists of four multiple-choice sections and a written essay. The first section has Verbal Reasoning as the topic and tests your vocabulary knowledge.

The second section deals with Reading Comprehension and examines your ability to read and comprehend brief passages. The third and fourth sections deal with mathematical topics like quantitative reasoning and a set of mathematical problems, evaluating your mathematical skills and knowledge.

Admission tests are important because boarding schools would like to filter out prospective students, who they think will not live up to the school’s standards. For obvious reasons, the school would like to retain only the best among all the applicants.

Besides academic excellence, other factors also play a role in a prospective pupil’s selection in the admission process. Therefore, when enrolling students, children with exceptional sporting and artistic talent are also taken note of. After all, a boarding school’s philosophy is to develop an all-rounder and not just an academically brilliant man.

There is no single admissions procedure and it depends on the area that the school wants to concentrate on and the kind of skills and talents that they are seeking in students. For example, if a particular boarding school wants to focus on music and performing arts, then, it will look for children, who possess talents in these fields, in addition to their academic brilliance.