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7 Most Effective SEO Trends In 2019

It is the era of modern technology where everything is done in a more effective manner through leveraging cutting-edge technologies.

If you talk about this current era’s greatest innovations so SEO is one of them.

Each year we come across exciting new trends of SEO, which sustain businesses on the progressive path.

It is a fact that SEO paved a way for businesses to ensure their online presence and get lots of benefits.

When it comes to market your business online so make sure you adapt to the latest trends of SEO.

It will help you to stay ahead in the corporate sector and come up with something different that can make you stand apart from competitors.

According to, 50% of all the mobile searches are made to explore local results and that indicates the future changes in SEO strategies.

Followings are some most effective SEO trends of 2019 so do not overlook them and go through every single one of them.

1. Video Content Will Replace Written Content

Yes, it is one of the most prominent trends in SEO in 2019. Now if you ask the online marketing experts, so they will tell you that people are more into video content rather than reading written content. It is because video content is more effective and engaging.

2. New Online Searching Method

It is another growing trend when it comes to SEO. Normally, as we search anything on Google, so we write in the search bar. But seriously things are going to change in this regard and every single one of us will make a query by just speaking loud. Digital assistants such as Cortana and Siri are actually paving a way for this new change in online searching to become a common practice.

3. New Trend In Search Results

Yes, you will have to believe that social media impacts search results. Now Google has started displaying Facebook and Twitter’s content in phone search results. There are chances that Google will index some more social media platforms soon.

4. The Trend Of Deep Links

Since there is the tendency of using Apps more than a website so it also compelled Google to change its mind.  Now Google is on the path of indexing Apps. As deep links are beneficial for a website SEO, so the similar way deep links will also be effective ones for Apps.

5. The Trend Of Local Search Results

The escalation of smartphones that consist of GPS Apps is actually making search results more local. This current trend of SEO is growing rapidly and people will not have any issue to find nearby restaurants and shops. When it comes to search results so that will be optimized through neighbourhood and street.

6. Sites Will Have To Load Fast

It is a fact that websites and its pages will have to load fast in order to get good ranking. You have to keep in mind that Googlebot will not index those websites which take enough time to load. So websites and pages that take enough time to load may come across many troubles.

7. Optimization Of Mobile Website

Since smartphones have replaced desktop computers so that has also brought changes into SEO’s trends. Now optimization of a mobile website has also become an integral part of SEO strategies in specific industries. And all that is happening because of the growing importance of social media and Apps.

Above mentioned are the most effective and latest trends of SEO. And these trends will really reshape online marketing and make it more productive. So make sure that you do not overlook these trends while kicking off your own startup business.

Priya is a Technical SEO at Hopinfirst Digital Marketing Company. She has 3 years experience in SEO, content marketing, and campaign management. she’s devoured every scrap of knowledge about search marketing and applies it daily as Technical SEO at Hopinfirst.

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