5 Ways to Make Money Selling Your Art at Christmas Time

Do you want to make a few extra bucks during the holidays but don’t know where to begin?  You definitely don’t want to miss out on all of the opportunities and afterall, it is the holiday season of giving, so why not make it a profitable one, too? If you are planning to sell your artwork  during the holidays, then this is for you!

To make sure you, your patrons and your wallets are filled, here is a list of ways to make a profit on your art this year.

Create an art class:

People love giving and receiving homemade gifts.  One idea as an artist that you can do is offer an online class that shows participants how to create these gifts. To make a bit of extra money, you can advertise on your website and social media channels, or even the library and pick a price that covers materials and gives you a decent profit. You’ll have fun doing it too!

Make ornaments:

When it comes to decorating the tree, who wouldn’t want to buy handcrafted ornaments? Everyone is looking for something a little bit different, and they’re not afraid to reach into their wallet to get it. If you have a medium that’s able to do it, why not create unique sets of tree decorations?  You can use art supplies that you have on hand like polymer clay and paint.

Give your art as a gift:

This doesn’t directly earn you more money, but if you are willing to spread some holiday cheer, and have extra supplies around the studio, then you could give your art away as gifts.  If you think about it, this saves you money from purchasing a store bought item.  A win win for any artists like Jon Rafman, whose art work would be difficult to give away.  Jon Rafman is a contemporary artist who creates large installations in museums and galleries.

Paint a mural:

What better way to earn extra money and show off your talents than by painting a mural in your local community.  It may take some extra time and effort on your part, but the payoff will be great.  Not only will you brighten up the town, you will have fun doing it and make money in the meantime!

Offer unique gift-wrapping:

For some people, crafting comes easily.  For others, who struggle to create a beautiful package to give to others, not so much. You can earn extra money this holiday season by lending your artistic hand to creating unique handcrafted paper and beautiful gift tags, and offer your services as a gift wrapper in your local community.  You could even offer to custom gift wrap your own artwork or paintings that others have purchased.

With a bit of creativity and some marketing, you can earn much more from your artwork over the holiday eason than any other time of year!

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