5 Things to Know to Break into the Fashion Industry

The fashion industry can be a tough road to pick. No matter how good you’re at it, certain things are a must to enter the industry. For most people, it is like a dream to be in the fashion industry. Many even believe that it is only for privileged people. There are many things you can go wrong about, and thinking this industry is for the privileged ones is the number one mistake.

It is about the dedication and hard work that makes all the difference in this world. A person might get greater opportunities due to his parent’s influence; however, a company won’t let go of a person who has the work ethic and right attitude.

A celebrity stylist and designer, Sammie Moussallam is someone from whom inspiration can be taken to become a stylist. Some of the hottest magazines like Zink Magazine, Dress to Kill, Spade, and Fantastik mag are where Sammie Moussallam stories have been published. So, here are 5 essential tips to become a celebrity stylist.

Understand the Budget:

Entering the fashion industry might not be easy. It is necessary to have an associate or bachelor’s degree to sit for the interview. Being a part of the big fashion companies is like a dream, but fixing an appointment will require you to have a reputed fashion school degree. The cost of the degree varies according to the school you go to. Therefore, always pick the one school which won’t burden you badly in student loan after graduation.


Whether it be any industry, if you don’t have the proper network, it is hard to sustain in the market. With digitalization, networking has become so much easier. People can just connect via the different social media platforms available. However, the smartest way to enter the industry is by showcasing your portfolio and your year of experience. LinkedIn is on the rise right now. You can connect with any person you want to and showcase your skills to them.

Go for the Trend:

There are two ways to sustain in the fashion industry.

  • By following the trend or
  • By making the trend.

If you are new to the industry, it is highly advisable to follow the market trend and find something unique in that. This way, you can play both safe and better at the same time.

Be Yourself:

The most cliché line of all time is to be yourself and finding your passion. Well, since you have already found your passion, it is time to look out for a way to be yourself. Whether you follow the trend or not, there needs to be something unique about your design. You can’t just copy someone else’s design and name it after you.


The fashion industry has a vast scope. With so many different niches available, it is important to pick one and excel in the same. It takes years of hard work to become professional at something you are meant for. However, if you haven’t found your niche, you can work as a trainee to explore the different edges of the industry.

Creativity is really important when we talk about the fashion industry. If you have it already, don’t let it go waste!

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