5 Reasons Everyone Should Wear a Mask in Public

A growing number of studies point to the mask as a powerful tool that can help control the spread of the corona virus. We should understand one thing clearly that we all are in this COVID situation together, so wearing a mask and maintaining social distancing is important for you and your community. Here are the five main reasons why everyone should wear masks in public.

Protect your community:

While moving out of public places you need to wear a mask because a face mask help prevents spreading Corona viruses in public places. By wearing a mask, you are not keeping yourself safe but you’re keeping others too. Wearing a mask in public places is an extra step to keep reducing the spread of particles or droplets that may contain a symptom of viruses.

Mask can prevent you from touching your face:

“Prevention is better than cure,” said Desiderius Erasmus, a scholar of the northern Renaissance and the first editor of the New Testament. Mask plays an important role in preventing you from touching your face again and again in public places or at any spot. Touching ours is a natural habit and most of the time we are unaware while touching our face. when everyone will cover their nose and mouth, we can stop harmful virus particles from spreading because coughing and sneezing are the two main ways viruses spread in the environment and contaminate the fresh air present in the surroundings.

Mask may help the economy recover:

Wearing a face mask in this pandemic situation you can save your as well as other’s lives. By wearing a mask, you can help in economic growth. Because mask comes under medical category and it can help to increase in-country GDP. The widespread use of masks can reduce the virus’s rate and can significantly help in economic recovery.

Many people with COVID-19 are unaware that they are carrying the virus:

Research says that approximately 40% of people with COVID-19 are asymptomatic but they do have the potential to transmit the virus to others. Also with the screening tests, the doctors can not able to identify how many people are transmitting the virus in their society. That’s why many governments had made it the compulsion for their people to wear a mask and maintain proper physical distance from others.

It can help us to get back to a new normal:

The fact is the virus is not going anywhere, so using a mask is a must, we have to adapt accordingly. It is also true that just a mask can not prevent you completely from any type of virus spreading but it can reduce viral transmission. You don’t know if the other person is carrying any infected virus or not, so wearing a mask can at least give protection from the outer place, and also it can decrease the chances of you getting affected. UV Face Mask is ideal for anyone who wants to keep their breathing safe from any potential viruses or bacteria. UV Mask is a mask that uses ultraviolet light to sterilize air. It has been developed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of a mask in protecting consumers from harmful pollutants and viruses that are easily spread.

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