5 Clever Incentives to Motivate a Homeschooled Kid

Are you having trouble motivating your homeschooled kids to study?

Reward systems make your homeschooled kid excited about the daily school tasks ahead. Negative motivation such as shouting and punishments only aggravates the bad behaviors. Nothing can beat feeling like their efforts are worthwhile and appreciated to spur motivation!

Here are some of the top positive incentives for a homeschool reward system to choose from

1. Toys and Trinkets

The reward doesn’t have to be expensive because there are various cheap toys and games at dollar stores. Create a homeschool reward chart for collecting points after completing their tasks. To get them more excited about this arrangement, let them pick the majority of the prizes.

You can play with the toys or dress up while incorporating some lessons and activities. It’s a fun yet educational yet experience for everyone involved. This way, you can keep the learner’s attention much longer and stay proactive.

2. Food Rewards

There’s no denying filling your stomach is one of the best incentives in a reward system for homeschool. Mini foods like candies, muffins, and ice cream never fail to motivate kiddos, especially those who have a sweet tooth.

It’s okay to use occasional junk foods as a reward but refrain from letting them consume it too much. There are plenty of healthy snack recipes for children out here! You can even try to cook or bake the tasty treats with the young students.

3. Trophies and Medals

Rewarding your homeschooled kids with trophies builds confidence and competence in school works. Tangible things to proudly display in their bedroom or desk is a sure way to inspire their hardest to study. This also serves as a good reminder for the satisfaction of finishing the previous difficult tasks.

Sites like Trophyman are offering these acrylic trophy awards with great designs! You should check out their selection and make trophies for your little students.

4. Extra Free Time

Have you tried offering some extra free time to do whatever they like after school works? Tell the kids they can get the rest of the time off if they finished early. You can give the free time right after or use all the collected free time they’ve accumulated at once.

Sticking to a consistent schedule is important, but kids need a nice change of pace as well. Short breaks reduce stress and boost productivity. Let their young minds rest for a while and come back more focused on the task at hand.

5. Reduced Workload

Reducing the workload is enough to motivate your homeschooled kid to answer the school works faster. You can take it up a notch and free them from house chores for a little while as rewards.

Be careful not to get carried away when using this type of reward system for homeschool. It can be incredibly effective so the kids might prioritize speed over quality. Avoid this by separating the tasks into achievable levels throughout the week.

Top 5 Best Reward Systems for a Homeschooled Kid

Teaching a homeschooled kid is more than delivering instructions. Encourage them to do their best by introducing a positive approach to homeschooling!

Learning everything you can about disciplining children is vital for every teacher. There’s a lot more you need to teach yourself before teaching others! Read some of our posts for more guides for motivating homeschooled kids.

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