4 Productivity Improvements That Will Skyrocket Your Business This Year

Successful businesses are constantly on the hunt for new ways to increase productivity. Every business, whether big or small, must find new ways to improve their bottom line and increase productivity in the workplace. The following five strategies will help any business learn how to be more productive in the workplace:

1. Create Value in the Workplace

Business owners can’t expect consistent levels of productivity from their workers if they haven’t created a culture of value in the workplace. Employees that don’t feel as if their work matters are much less likely to work as hard as they would otherwise. Companies that invest in creating a stronger company culture that makes employees feel as though they are truly apart of the family will find that these employees are committed to giving their best all day, every day.

Another important way to create value in the workplace is to focus on hiring passionate people. Through the hiring and user onboarding process, businesses can ensure that each employee has the same level of commitment to their work.

2. Prepare for Drops in Productivity

There’s a reason productivity is associated with mornings. While workers can try to be as caffeinated as possible, productivity is often harder to achieve during the afternoon. Business owners should encourage habits that keep workers focused throughout the entire day. These habits include drinking water regularly, avoiding energy drinks that lead to an inevitable crash, and eating healthy foods that are naturally energizing.

In addition to supporting these habits in the workplace, companies should encourage employees to take breaks as a way to prepare for the afternoon drop in energy. Taking 20-minute breaks every two hours is a good way to stay energized and focused throughout the workday.

3. Avoid Distractions

While breaks are important, the answer for how to be more productive lies in one’s ability to avoid distractions. Though some distractions are unavoidable, companies should do what they can to make the workplace a distraction-free zone. To do this, employers should disclose the following rules during user onboarding: no using social media during the day, no personal conversations while working, and anything else that discourages productivity.

Just as distractions are to be avoided, employees should reward their hard work accordingly. After 30 minutes or an hour of high-energy work, taking time to grab a snack or check one’s phone can be the boost an employee needs to return to work with the same level of energy.

4. Limit Business Meetings

Business meetings have long since been the thieves of productivity. While it’s important that management and employees be on the same page, the entire staff doesn’t need to meet for hour-long meetings each day to do so. By limiting business meetings to 15 minutes, business owners are able to bring their staff up to speed without taking up important working hours.

5. Encourage Healthy Habits

True productivity comes from consistency. If one isn’t consistent with their health, they are setting themselves up for failure in the long run. While employees are responsible for their own lifestyles, companies should do what they can to encourage healthy living in the workplace. From setting up in-office yoga sessions to stocking the break room with healthy snacks and drinks, companies that do their part to keep their employees healthy will reap the benefits.

There is no single solution to becoming more productive. True productivity is a way of life that all businesses must create for themselves and their employees. Use these strategies in the workplace to encourage your staff to work smarter and harder.

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